Growing and Serving

Because of our growth and increased opportunities to serve our community, we’ve decided to take upon the task of expanding our building and developing our current site to more effectively shepherd our church family and serve the community of Moscow, for the Glory of the Lord. This decision has come after years of thought, prayer, and planning. We are grateful for this undertaking and hopeful that the Lord will provide as we trust Him and His leading. Please join us in praying for the completion of this project, in His perfect timing.

Why We’re Expanding

Over the last few years we’ve labored in faith to build bridges and build family in our community, and God’s Spirit has done more than we could have imagined. His grace continues to pour out on our church, evidenced in the sustained growth seen. 

  • We’ve gone from one service to three.
  • Where we used to host a handful of Small Groups, we now see almost 30 taking place on a weekly basis.
  • Church functions, fellowship times, celebrations and events no longer are able to gather in our current facility due to lack of space.

Furthermore, because our vision includes a desire to minister to our community, we long to give our facility and resources away so that we might build bridges with the intent of making Gospel connections. Whether it be civic theater groups, homeschool coops, local 4H chapters, or a myriad of other organizations, we long to be even more of a blessing to those in Moscow, all in the name of Jesus.

Expansion Updates

excavator digging outside


This week we made more headway on our building project, removing the concrete foundations to the outbuildings recently relocated.  We also said farewell to the stump left behind from earlier tree removal,…
Building foundation exposed and outbuilding being moved.

Making Way for More Parking

This week we are moving the sheds from the adjacent property. When this site is cleared, it will eventually make room for a new parking area.
Men using chainsaws cutting down trees

Making Way

We’re moving the old sheds for repurposing.  In order to do so, we had to tackle some tree removal.  Thanks to those who worked hard to clean up the area…
Landscaping section

Things are moving!

With the purchase of the adjacent property, we are constructing a new shed for our neighbor, replacing the ones previous bought from her, in order to move ahead with site…
Building design

CUP is approved!

Thank you for joining us in prayer as we submitted our expansion plans to the city. A huge thank you to Evan with Reliant Engineering who invested many hours drawing…