Welcome to Bridge Bible Fellowship!

Here’s what to expect when you join us at church.


An obvious question when visiting a church is “How should I dress?”  We’re an informal group, so casual attire is fine.

On Schedule

Because we have 3 services each Sunday, we do start the services promptly at the scheduled time, so plan to come a little early to be ready. Each service lasts 1 hour, and all 3 services are the same. (But note that Sunday School is not available at the third service.)

A Friendly Experience

We are a friendly group. While we won’t make you awkwardly “greet your neighbor” during the service, you will be greeted at the door, and will likely be greeted several more times.


Each Sunday, we feature a mix of traditional and contemporary music, in a contemporary style. It’s not a concert experience. There’s no fog machine or fancy lights. It’s just honest expression of worship to God. The words for the songs will be on the screen at the front of the church, so please join in.

Kids Join In

We have Sunday School at our first 2 services, but kids stay with their families for the first few songs before going to Sunday School. We believe kids are important members of the BBF family, so we include them in the first part of our worship service. Kids may stay with their parents for the entire service if they choose.


The sermon will be about 30 minutes. 

Our preaching is done by a team of preaching elders rather than one or two pastors. One qualification of elders is that they are “able to teach” (1 Tim. 3:2). BBF is led by ten elders with different ministry responsibilities, seven of whom are appointed to the BBF preaching team. These elders (and a few guest speakers) preach on rotation, some monthly and some yearly, and meet regularly to plan and evaluate sermons. BBF sermons typically advance verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible (including both Old and New Testament books) with occasional topical messages.

A Final Song

We close with a final song and a prayer. We have a half hour between services, so we welcome you to linger for a few minutes and talk with someone if you so desire.