Weekly Bible Time

At the heart of our vision is the desire to build bridges and build family. Our weekly Bible Time is a very basic resource intended to help you, the spiritual leader of your family, facilitate time in the Word, prayer and conversation with your children, taking simple steps to point them toward Jesus.

Week 1 Intro to Romans
Week 2 Romans 1:1-15
Week 3 Romans 1:16-18
Week 4 Romans 1:18-32
Week 5 Romans 2:1-11
Week 6 Romans 2:12-29
Week 7 Romans 3:1-20
Week 8 Romans 3:21-31
Week 9 Romans 4:1-25
Week 10 Romans 5:1-11
Week 11 Romans 5:12-21
Week 12 Romans 6:1-14
Week 13 Romans 6:15-23
Week 14 Romans 7:1-13
Week 15 Romans 7:14-25; Eph 6:10-20
Week 16 Romans 8:1-11
Week 17 Romans 8:12-17
Week 18 Romans 8:18-30
Week 19 Romans 8:31-39
Week 20 Romans 9:1-21
Week 21 Romans 9:30-10:4
Week 22 Romans 10:5-17
Week 23 Romans 11:1-20
Week 24 Romans 12:1-2

Sunday Services

We offer nursery and Sunday school for children 0 through 6th grade during both of our Sunday morning services.

Our mission is to see bridges built; connecting children to God and to each other through caring community and teachingJesus’ offer of freedom through the gospel! And, to see Gods family built through loving discipleship, nurturing one another to spiritual maturity in the family of God. Our desire is to bring up a generation of young people that would be disciple making disciples!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” – Matt 28:19


Our staffed nursery is available 5 minutes before the start of each service for children ages 0-3. Our adult volunteers have all completed background checks.

Our nursery has age appropriate toys, a toddler bathroom, and a changing table.

We also have a privacy area for nursing mothers. Across the hall, there is a cry room for parents of young children. The cry room is equipped to view and listen to the church service.

Sunday School

Our Sunday school offers three classes during each service. The children worship with their families at the beginning of the service and are dismissed for Sunday school after the announcements.

Our 3, 4 & 5 year old class asks that all children be potty trained.
We incorporate a lesson from Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum, craft, small snack, and fun.

In our 1st – 3rd grade classroom, also utilize Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum. We include a snack and activity.

Our 4th-6th grade class meet the second and fourth Sunday of each month. We find that at this age it’s nice to help them transition to worshipping with the church body for some of the Sundays each month. The teachers discuss the same topic or passage that is being taught upstairs during the sermon.


Children are also welcome to remain with their parents during the service if they so desire.

Throughout the year, the children in the church also participate in seasonal plays, especially at Christmas time, they assist with sermon skits and every 5th Sunday is dedicated to the families and especially the children. Bridge Bible is fully committed to maintaining healthy families and helping raise children to know the Bible and love Jesus!

Bridge Bible Fellowship is also committed to the safety of the children in our care.

For more information about this please read our safety guidelines.