Leader: Gretchen
Location: Maria’s or Gretchen’s Home
Time: Mondays at 4:00PM
Childcare provided: No, but babies are welcome

1 Peter

Leader: Eva
Location: BBF Sanctuary
Time: Tuesdays 9:30AM
Childcare provided: No

Encountering Jesus: Looking at the Accounts of
Jesus’ Interactions with Women

Leader: Jackie
Location: Zoom
Time: Tuesdays at 7:00PM
Childcare provided: No

1 Thessalonians

Leader: Jessica
Location: Jessica’s Home
Time: Thursdays at 1:30PM
Childcare Provided: No
Begins October 7th

10 Psalms in 10 Weeks

Leader: Leah
Location: Leah’s Home
Time: Fridays at 5:45AM
Childcare provided: No