May 4, 2020 Update


Dear BBF Family,

Thank you for your patience and adaptability during this season of sickness.  We are grateful for the ways you have persisted in prayer and service for each other as we walk in so many unknowns.  While these past five weeks have been quite interesting, it certainly has established, again, that you are incredible friends and servants as you’ve called, encouraged, prayed, written letters, and sought to meet the various needs of not only those in our church body, but also in our community.   Praise God for the way you’ve truly attempted to build bridges and build family at a time when many needed it most.

We, the elders, want to communicate to you that we believe it is time to attempt to gather in person for corporate worship.  Many of you have seen Governor Little’s address giving churches the green light to meet again, as long as they follow the various guidelines established by the CDC and local governing bodies.  That said, it is our attempt to communicate as clearly as possible the steps and efforts we will attempt to take to keep everyone safe, healthy, and informed.  Please bear with us as pulling this off will require great patience and teamwork from everyone, not to mention much prayer.

  1. In an effort to more effectively follow CDC guidelines, our first Sunday back will be May 10.  We will have one service beginning at 10:30 AM.  We will be meeting outside in the southern parking area of the church.  Parking will be available in the north lot and at the far end of the south lot.  There will be a team helping to direct vehicle parking if necessary.  
  2. In an effort to adhere to strict social distancing, we ask that all families sit together. Seating will be marked on the parking area. While we will have some folding chairs available, it would be helpful if you bring your own so that each family can be responsible to disinfect their own chairs rather than a few people at the church clean them all.   
  3. We ask that you avoid shaking hands, hugging, etc.  Save those wonderful expressions of affection for later. 
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available.  Please bring your own mask if you feel it necessary. 
  5. Bring your sunglasses/hats/and outdoor gear in case the weather is somewhat marginal.  However, in the case of inclement weather, we will cancel.  Please be on notice, but as a reminder, you will still be able to view the service online.  If we do deem it necessary to cancel, we will send out a communication via email Saturday night.
  6. The service will be shorter than normal, lasting about 45 minutes.
  7. We will continue to record sermons each week, posting them virtually on our website as we’ve done the past few weeks.  If you are at all compromised, feeling ill, have a fever, in the category of elevated risk, please stay home.  Watch the sermon online and give yourself a bit more time before joining us.  If you are needing guidance in whether or not you may need to self-regulate, see the CDC page here.
  8. Bathrooms will be open in the church, if needed, but we will try to avoid entering the building.
  9. We will not be holding children’s ministry until further notice.  As we begin to gather, we want to keep family units together.  There will not be nursery, Sunday School, or youth group for now.  
  10. The church will experience a deep cleaning just prior AND after the Sunday service.  
  11. In an effort to be good neighbors, we’ve communicated to those living in proximity to the church that we will be holding our service outside.  We have also discussed this with the Mayor and he has given his approval.  

Please continue to pray for God’s will in all of this.  Thank you for all your patience and grace as things continue to be very unpredictable.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the elders.

In Him,The BBF Elders