March 18, 2020 Update



With the ever changing scene around us (and the world) due to complications of COVID-19, I want you to know we (the BBF elders) are praying for you and the challenges you may be facing. This morning we met to pray and seek direction regarding our Sunday service, specifically. In light of our circumstances, we decided to hold church “virtually” rather than meet on location at BBF. We are excited for the opportunities this creates in keeping us connected to our ongoing sermon series, drawing families and friends together as best we can (even with the social distancing) and allowing us to seize the opportunity to utilize technology. Here’s how it will work for this Sunday’s service, on March 22…

Sunday morning I will send out an email with a link to the BBF website. We will post a video of the sermon (not just an audio) on the sermon page via YouTube. Connected to the message will be a study outline with discussion questions you can utilize to go a little deeper in the passage. While the effort won’t at all replace church and corporate worship, it will provide a chance to be together “virtually” as a body, but also allow connection to the same message and word we normally receive. It’s an opportunity for individuals who may have compromised immune systems to still be fed through God’s Word. It’s also an opportunity for fathers to lead their families spiritually, getting connected and facilitating conversation. It may also be a chance, if appropriate, for individuals to connect with a friend and 
watch the sermon, discuss the content, pray together, and apply the message in a specific way.

Please know it was very clear to us, as elders, that this was the appropriate step to take in our effort to be good neighbors and shepherds to our church body. We continue to pray and trust that the Lord will bring this to pass, but in the meantime, we have the chance to grow in our faith through His Word and our own steps of faith, seeking to meet the needs of  those around us. As you prayerfully think of your friends, coworkers, neighbors and loved ones who may be spending their days at home, consider giving them a call to check in, offer to pray for them, see if they need help picking up groceries, and don’t hesitate to ask if you can send them a link to our website where they can watch this Sunday’s sermon.

Praying God’s grace on you all, 
Kirk Brower