March 14, 2020 Update



I wanted to communicate a few updates and information regarding the season of sickness we’re facing as the coronavirus continues to spread and many gatherings are being canceled. We want to do what we can to be wise, but also do not want to walk in fear. Most importantly, my prayer is that all 
of us, despite the severity of this or any other situation, would consider 
how we are seeking to build bridges and build family with those God has 
placed around us. Its times like these that we want to love our neighbors 
well and protect those who may be susceptible.

That said, after prayerful consideration, below are a few steps we, as 
elders at BBF, have chosen to take. Please stay tuned as the scene is 
changing daily. We will do our best to keep you updated and informed 
regarding the decisions we make via the BBF website here, and your personal email.

1. Pray. Seek the Lords direction, peace, healing, and wisdom for 
yourself and others. Keep in mind that God uses these scenarios for His 
glory like only He can. One of our greatest resources is our ability to 
faithfully pray *His* will be done.

2. We have chosen to hold our regular services as scheduled this Sunday. 
If you choose to come, please consider taking the following precautions:

-Wash your hands before coming to church. If you have hand sanitizer, 
bring it and use it. 
-Avoid shaking anyone’s hands and giving hugs. Try winking instead. 
-If you or anyone in your family has a cold, cough, or any flu-like 
symptoms, please stay home. 
-If your immune system is compromised, know you have the freedom to stay home.