September 2, 2020 Update


Thank you for the flexibility and joy in embracing the challenges due to COVID.  BBF’s elders have unanimously agreed to:
  1) continue to meet in person at the huge NRS warehouse at 10:30 AM.  You can find directions here.
  2) continue our virtual services for those unable to attend in person.  You can find them on our webpage here.
  3) continue to honor the mayor’s emergency orders of July 1, as follows:  Those who are able, wear masks into the building until you sit down; masks may be removed during the service.  Seating should be well-spaced.  (We have spoken with the mayor for clarity on this issue).

Please continue with the BBF Elders in prayer, specifically that God uses this time to help us grow in compassion, grace, and gratitude as we encounter various trials, knowing He is still Lord of all.