Mountain View Bible Church

1978 Began as a home church on Mountain View Road in Moscow, Idaho. Before long MVBC moved into a rented space at the County Fairgrounds.

1982 Met in a variety of temporary places including the UI SUB, the American Legion Cabin, the County Health department and the 7th Day Adventist church.

1989 Moved into the 960 West Palouse River Drive Building. The land was donated by a church member and volunteers assisted in the building.

New Life Bible Fellowship

Began as a home bible fellowship meeting at various elder’s homes. NLBF’s first rented space was the American Legion Cabin
1979 Met in a variety of locations including the Latah Grain                             .

1984 Growers building and the UI SUB.                                                              .

1985 Met in the building that was formerly Short’s Funeral Chapel.                                                            .

2000 State Highway department bought the Short’s building for highway re-routing purposes and NLBF moved to a rented space at Good Samaritan Village.                                                        .

Bridge Bible Fellowship

2004 MVBC & NLBF spent a large part of the year discussing a merger on the basis that a more diversified body with a greater depth of leadership might be more effective in building God’s kingdom.
2005 Bridge Bible Fellowship (BBF) began meeting at the 960 Palouse River drive location.  The name Bridge Bible Fellowship was chosen as a three-fold reminder.  First, Bridge serves as a reminder that Christ is the bridge between God and man and that we exist to help people find and cross the bridge and to assist them in the life-long process of drawing nearer to God. Second, the word Bible reminds us of our source of truth. Finally, Fellowship reminds us that God desires that we share our lives together as we press on to know God.
2005 Building expansion increased the size of our general meeting area and added Sunday school rooms.