Tues Aug 9 photos

After a brief orientation, our first day of work!

Luke and Tyler worked on finish carpentry, some new desks for the on-site school.  Loren, Ryan, and Daniel painted the exterior 2-story visitors center.  Vince and Randy painted inside, and also went to the city to help pick up a truckload load of vegetables.  Keith and Kelly cleared brush around the new perimeter wall, and began painting the wall.  Kay sewed curtains.

More of the same tomorrow, along with a church service at the prison in the evening.

There are not many children around since school resumes next week after a couple of week break.  But we’ve already had a good taste of genuine Mexican food: tostadas for lunch and quesadillas for supper!  It was mostly sunny today, probably low 80’s with a nice breeze.  They’ve had rain, so it’s green, the corn is about half grown, and the weeds are lush.  That’s in contrast to Colorado and Texas when we flew into Houston; it was brown and most ponds were dried up.  There were thunderstorms coming into Oaxaca at dusk, with the clouds lit up by the lightening; it was beautiful, although a little bumpy.  Our plane circled around for about 30 minutes before they found a clearing to drop through.

– Keith

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