Welcome to Kirk Brower and his family! Kirk has recently been instated as senior pastor of Bridge Bible Fellowship, and we are excited for what the Lord is doing!

Kirk Brower and family


Pastors & Elders (both paid and volunteer)

Most elders are involved in leading small groups, and most preach at least occasionally.  Additionally, each elder has been assigned certain ministries within the church.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate person:

Geoff Allen: Sunday Service Coordinator (Music Ministry, announcements, communion)

Nate Anglen: Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministry

Kirk Brower: Senior Pastor, Evangelism, Outreach
Bret Corgatelli: Finance, Preaching Coordinator, small groups


Loren Euhus: Teaching

Bob Garcia: Building and Grounds

Kim Kirkland: Counseling, Pastoral Care, Hospitality

Larry Kirkland: Missions, Prayer, Finance

Martin Trail: Elder Board Chair, Discipleship Ministries, Family Sunday Coordinator

Donna Allen: Secretary (communications, finance)
Women’s Ministries

Krista Anglen: Women’s Ministries