1 Samuel 1:1-2:11: Hannah: Trusting God through Pain

First Samuel

Sermon Preparation and Reflection: The Cry of a Heart

At some point in our lives, we pray one of those prayers. You know the kind. They keep us up at night because the situation is deep and complicated. Or they at least roll through our thoughts during the day. The duration of the events that prompt these prayers vary. They can last from hours to decades and can be about a range of topics. At the end of the day, you and God may be the only two who know the depth of the ache.

It’s not easy, is it? Nowhere in the Bible are we told life will be easy. Instead, we are shown examples where others before us have experienced that kind of situation that prompts this sort of prayer. Do you know what we can learn from Hannah in 1 Samuel 1? It’s okay to look like a mess when we pray to God. He isn’t going to cross His arms and scowl at our lack. We won’t hear the divine foot tap or see an eye roll. So continue praying for that situation that keeps you on your knees. Pray today. Tomorrow. Has it been years? Keep praying. Decades? Pray. Is this something you know will remain on your heart until the end of your life? Friend, keep praying. Cry to Him. Snot all over the pillow.

Imagine Hannah’s plea. Year after year Peninnah provoked her for not having a child. How often did Hannah pray to the Lord? How many times did she grieve again when there was no longer the chance of pregnancy that month? In this story, nobody around her simply comes up to her, kneels next to her, and prays with her. Everyone questions her. That did not stop her from praying. And, even if you feel alone in your pleas, it shouldn’t stop you either.


Sermon Quote of the Week:

Sometimes praying and crying go together. Prayer is not just sharing our requests, it is sharing our feelings. Prayer is how we submit our pain to the Lord. God can handle our emotions, our frustrations, and our pain. -Nate