More painting

Today we had a little bit more complicated painting project, that of painting a roof.  The roof of the visitors center was made of a strange fiberboard composite material that had to be sealed first, then painted red to match the roofs on the other site buildings.

The roof of this older building didn’t appear sturdy, as the sheets of material spanned 10 feet between steel supports.  So, we used 1×12 planks to walk on, with a team of two to move the boards ahead of the sprayer.

Our suspicions were confirmed as at one point I broke through a section of roof and stuck my foot through the drywall below (insert jokes about Loren’s weight here).  One of the site staff was dispatched to the hardware store to buy some roofing material, while Vince and Randy repaired the drywall in the room below.

Patching the hole set us back a bit, and the hot sun up on that roof wore us out.  We got the roof sealed and about half painted, but then a thunderstorm roared in about 4:00.  We could see it coming so we hustled to get our gear off the roof.  Fortunately the roof was repaired as it rained hard.  We should be able to wrap up the painting part of the job in a couple of hours.



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