Today (Saturday) was a wonderful day.  Most people are feeling 100%.  It was a day of rest and sightseeing in the morning, and in the afternoon the soccer ball was brought into the mix. We all were just playing around in the beginning, having a few laughs before dinner finally getting to devote our time to the children. During dinner Luke did some hard recruiting at the kids table relying on Luis and Florencio to round up the troops. Right after dinner it was straight to the court to get it started. We had teams of about 7 players but it was always changing, each team picking up and losing players occasionally. The game went on for an hour and a half or so, my team coming back from a 8-5 deficient, to make the game all tied up. We all decided  next goal wins because all of  us were running out of energy. Of course end the end it doesn’t matter who wins or looses as long as we can all come together. The kids were so enthusiastic about just being out running around with all of us, sharing sweat and laughter. It is amazing to see how truly happy these kids are what what little they are given.  All it takes for love and joy to be abundant is a slab of concrete, two goals with no nets, a ball, and the strive to live. Its hard to describe in words the joy these children truly poses. It really can make you think and take a look at your own life ant see what you too should be truly great full for. We take so much for granite  everyday without even knowing it…. There are things that we cannot see with our eyes but we can see with our heart and soul. The desire and hearts of these kids explains this to all of us more than words can describe.

– Kelly O


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