Day 4


Today was just as eventful as the last!

Luke spent the day fighting a mild fever and Montazuma’s Revenge but his perspective was rock solid. Despite looking like a zombie his only responses were positive and praising God for His strength. He reminds us all that Joy comes not from our circumstances. Please pray for his health.

Randi and Kay went to the woman’s prison on the north side of Oaxaca with two other ladies that work here. The traffic was crazy (even for here) and they got into a little fender bender that cost them 200 pesos. Regardless they had an unforgettable experience quilting with the ladies and one prison guard. Randi said that they made their glue for their crafts out of hair gel mixed with sugar.

Everyone else was working hard getting the place ready for school to start. Most of us are busy painting at different locations on the property except Tyler who was busy working on desks for the new school.

Randi and I got to go to the market on Monday night with  Santiago and Anita and their two toddler daughters. We left at about 6pm and got in around midnight – Crazy tired but the experience was unreal! We went around to all the markets and Anita explained who we were and asked for donations. The food kept pouring in! We filled a full sized truck bed with produce! Words don’t do the experience justice. Santiago and Anita are truly amazing people. At the end of the night we were calling them Tia y Tio (Aunt and Uncle).

The food is amazing! Making the little girls laugh with our broken Spanish while scrubbing dishes has been one of the highlights for me! I have so much more to say but I’m struggling to stay awake! Keep us in your prayers we have a lot more to get through.

God’s fingerprints are all over this place and these people.



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