Home (almost)

Quick note to let you know we are currently in the Houston airport for a few hours (we really enjoyed the burgers… good old American food). We will land in Seattle around 5pm and then our team will part ways, driving to Moscow, Springfield, and […]

Babysitting for an evening

Right after dinner we got to be the house parents for all the younger kids. We split up into 3 groups and made paper airplanes. After that we got them involved with the zip line on the playground.  The older girls helped us get a little […]

One God, One People, One Gospel

Our van came to a stop outside a row of buildings. We were in the town of Tlacalula to attend the morning church service, but I couldn’t see where the church might be. First of all there was no parking lot, no signs or banners, […]


Today (Saturday) was a wonderful day.  Most people are feeling 100%.  It was a day of rest and sightseeing in the morning, and in the afternoon the soccer ball was brought into the mix. We all were just playing around in the beginning, having a […]

Evening with the kids

The kids have returned from their after-school break, so we had a great time with them after dinner on the playground.  Soccer, swings, sidewalk chalk.  We were all sad when bedtime came.  It’s a great way to learn their names.  

More painting

Today we had a little bit more complicated painting project, that of painting a roof.  The roof of the visitors center was made of a strange fiberboard composite material that had to be sealed first, then painted red to match the roofs on the other […]

Weekend in sight

Most of the group continued the same type of projects and tasks.  Painting, sewing, upholstery, dishes, etc.  The big event for the day unfolded slowly: the children began arriving after their school vacation.  So the decibels of children’s chatter at meals increased dramatically and the […]

Day 4

Amigos, Today was just as eventful as the last! Luke spent the day fighting a mild fever and Montazuma’s Revenge but his perspective was rock solid. Despite looking like a zombie his only responses were positive and praising God for His strength. He reminds us […]

Pictures of some kids

The kids are assigned kitchen duties, so we usually volunteer to help them, and it is always a good time.  They enjoy telling us the wrong names and places for items and then giggling uncontrollably.  The kids are sure cute! -Loren